Witold Wnuk & Władysław "Adzik" Sendecki: My Polish Heart

 Witold Wnuk & Władysław "Adzik" Sendecki: My Polish Heart Prizes of "My Polish Heart" Prizes of "My Polish Heart" Foundation were handed to a young pianist and jazz composer Aleksandra Tomaszewska and to a well-known Krakow’s journalist and music activist Grzegorz Tusiewicz during special New Year concert, which was conducted by Antoni Krupa in the studio of Radio Kraków.

 Fundation „My Polish heart” is founded by the two Polish Cracovians living abroad for many years - a well-known and appreciated musician „Adzik” Sendecki as well as a director of Summer Jazz Festiwal at Piwnica pod Baranami Witold Wnuk. Sendecki, pianist and composer working with a famous NDR Big Band. According to „New York Village Voice” recognized as one of the five best pianists in the world, living in Germany for 30 years , Wnuk – living for a quarter of the century In Kuwait.

 Direct inspiration for setting up „My Polish Heart” foundation was Adzik’s copyright concert „My Polish Heart” taking place on July 18th 2009 at the little square organized by Witold Wnuk within the frames of The Summer Jazz Festival.

 The main aim of this foundation is support of well-deserved Polish artists, in a form of scholarships, prizes, whose life situation is hard as well as help for young, remarkably gifted musicians. Besides that kind of help, as it is written in the status, foundation, is going to organize concerts and artistic events which promote Polish music and create new kind of art with the cooperation of prestige centers of culture in Europe and all over the world.

 The first prizewinners offoundation prezes were: Grzegorz Tusiewicz – a well-known Krakow’s journalist and jazz activist, author of an amazing monograph „Krakow’Krakowski Jazz-Club „Helikon” 1956-1969” – and young composer, pianist and a bandleader from Elbląg, graduate of Jazz Department of Music Academy in Katowice – Ola will receive her prize in a form of financial support and an invitation for recording session in Hamburg with NDR music band and their common concerts during coming soon Schleswig Holstein Music Festival.

 The credit for all these prizes goes to "Adzik" – Wnuk declared, handling the prize to an excited prizewinner, who showed that she really deserves such a prize being accompanied by her quintet. Similarly touched and excited was the other prizewinner, remembering good, old times at Helikon Club on one hand and the fact of marihuana being grown with its values officially presented at the notice board at the botanical garden on the other hand. For the dessert there was a concert of a duet: Władysław "Adzik" Sendecki (grand piano) and Marek Bałata (vocal), giving a recital full of finesse, creativity and music jokes.


Source: local pages from Gazeta Wyborcza - Kraków nr 6, editio from 10/01/2011 Kultura, page 7


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